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Key Technologies


To create the most effective compression apparel possible, Kinetik utilizes its proprietary technology, XPower.

XPower technology determines the type and placement of compression panels in each garment, by utilizing sophisticated ultrasound imaging to assess blood flow in the arms, legs, and torso. This technology, developed over years of research, ensures that every Kinetik garment optimally improves blood circulation, reduces lactic acid buildup, and improves athletic strength and power.

With unique designs for men’s and women’s apparel, XPower surrounds and supports key muscle groups, ensuring the best combination of compression, comfort, and performance.



Kinetik’s cycling, running, and multisport compression utilize SupraKomp fabric, a proprietary textile created through years of research and development. This superior fabric delivers outstanding therapeutic compression and meets the demands of athletic performance. SupraKomp’s polyamide microfibers are formed in a unique weave that provides 360° of stretch and optimal, progressive compression.  Often imitated, but never duplicated, SupraKomp fabric additionally regulates body temperature, controls bacteria, and provides SPF protection.


SupraKomp 250G_001

SupraKomp 250G fabric is a specific variant of SupraKomp, our proprietary textile.  Designed specifically for muscle recovery, it offers a higher gradient of compression, to maximize blood circulation and assist with rebuilding muscular micro-tears. SupraKomp 250, which is indicated by blue flatlock stitching, is currently available in Kinetik Recovery Tights.



Specifically created for the demands of triathlon, 3SK (pronounced “tri-sec”) is a unique textile offered exclusively by Kinetik.  It is a revolutionary, compression material with water repellant properties. 3SK fabric contains specific fibers that are water repellant, which gives it unique advantages in and out of the water. Thus, it is an ideal textile for multisport because it dries quickly, which translates to minutes saved in transition between events, and improved performance during them. 3SK delivers compression benefits, namely faster performance, better recovery, and reduction of lactic acid buildup. 3SK fabric wears comfortably, feels soft, and provides an SPF of 50. It is used specifically in all of Kinetik’s Triathlon collections.