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Avoid muscle pains and recover faster with Kinetik Compression Gear

After years of research and development, Kinetik has found a good compromise between compression and comfort. Manufactured using supremely high quality fabrics, Kinetik designs contain specially placed mesh panels around the garment to help increase airflow around the body. This was done to allow the body to regulate the correct temperature which helps maintain body warmth and helps guards against injury.

Wearing Kinetik compression sportswear will also help decrease muscle oscillation. Reducing the additional movement of the muscles, thus preventing small tears in the muscles. It also helps to lower the lactic acid buildup which is the cause of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) pain.

Acting like a second skin, Kinetik compression sportswear wicks away moisture from the skin and is highly absorbent. With a germ proof yarn and the antibacterial treatment, Kinetik sportswear helps prevent bad odor emissions. Kinetik compression sportswear will definitely help you recover faster after a hard competition or a long exercise.

At Kinetik, we believe our customers deserve the best quality sportswear. Kinetik Compression Gear is your friend to recovery and revitalize.


For more information, contact us at: info@kinetiksportswear.com

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