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Our Technology


The concept of XPower is the result of a morpho biomechanics. This study calculates the location of each panel of the garment according to the morphology of the athlete. In simple terms, every panel and section was carefully placed following the calculations test on medical Dopler. With XPower technology, Kinetik compression gear guarantees you the best combination of compression and comfort.



Compressive Drain Action

The pressure gradient on Kinetik compression gear was designed to provide the correct level of pressure to specific body parts. This improves circulation and helps get more oxygen to your muscles. Improved circulation helps eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes build up during endurance training.
We know what levels of compression required for the muscle groups during training, while at rest and at recovery. We also know you need comfortable garment to prevent injury and improve blood circulation and reduce lactic acid build up.



SupraKomp is our special blend of compressive fabric which specifically designed for use in our compression line. Its composition with a progressive density gives it incredible biological properties of compression. Kinetik SupraKomp fabric was a result of four years of research and development in our facility. Its production and composition remains a secrets, that many brands try to duplicate.